Wedge grip
● Wedge grip has a self-clamping effect to hold the samples tightly, and it is very easy to clamp or release the samples.
● Hardened parts may cause slip since the initial grip force might be not enough.
This needs to be checked before testing the samples.
● Surface of the gripped area is flat.
As an option, "V" shaped surface for the round rod can be manufactured.
● GC-57A/GC-58A are fixed position type wedge grip.

GC-50 GC-51 GC-55 GC-57A/58A GC-57〜59S
Type Max. Load Face width Open wide Upper Weight
GC-50 500N 8mm 4mm 200g
GC-51 2kN


7mm 1.9kg
GC-55 5kN 5mm 2.8kg
GC-57 10kN 38mm 8mm 6.5kg
GC-57A 40mm 9mm
GC-58 20kN 38mm 8mm
GC-58A 40mm 9mm
GC-59 50kN 45mm 8mm 7kg
GC-59S 100kN 8kg