T-nuts / Connecting Joint / Universal Joint
● GQ-10-0 is a T-shape nut used to mount the lower attachment.
● GQ-10-1 to 4 is a connecting rod which has male screws at both ends.
● GQ-20 is an universal joint which has female screws at both ends.
● GQ-31 is a pin-type connecting joint which has female screws at both ends.

GQ-10-0 GQ-10-1 GQ-102 GQ-10-3 GQ-10-4 GQ-20-1
GQ-20-2 GQ-30-1 GQ-30-2 GQ-30-3 GQ-31-1 GQ-31-2
Type Screw diameter
GQ-10-0 M8
GQ-10-1 M6(M)×M6(M)
GQ-10-2 M12(M)×M6(M)
GQ-10-3 M12(M)×M10(M)
GQ-10-4 M12(M)×M12(M)
GQ-20-1 M6(F)×M6(F)
GQ-20-2 M12(F)×M12(F)
GQ-30-1 M6(F)×M6(F)
GQ-30-2 M12(F)×M12(F)
GQ-30-3 M12(F)×M10(F)
GQ-31-1 M6(F)×M6(F)
GQ-31-2 M12(F)×M12(F)
※(M) means male screws.(F) means female screws.