Examples of Special Attachment.

引張試験用 圧縮試験用 曲げ試験用

Air grip
Special film chuck
Special flat chuck
Optical fiber attachment

Woven and knitted fabrics test attachment
Tape tensile test attachment
The examination that was put in a liquid
Attachment for lead-free solder

Attachment for wire ring
Die casting pulling attachment
Wine bottle corkscrew jig

Special compression
Compression jig with cushioning spring
Heat sealed compression

Compression jig with displacement meter
Compression jig for resistance measurement

Tile bending jig
Printed circuit board bending jig
4-point bending test jig
Clamp-type bending jig

Large size special bending jig

剥離試験用 その他の試験用  

Coating peeling jig
90°peeling jig
T-style peeling jig
Toner container peeling jig

90°special peeling jig

Frictional force measurement jig
Torsion examination jig
Hand operation roller
Stab jig

The 45°slant level
Special X-Y stage
Hot plate (horizontal)
Hot plate (vertical)
Torsion spring measurement jig
Syringe pressurization jig