SDW type is a testing machine for a load capacity from 10kN upto 200kN.
The machine is placed on the floor.
The load is given onto test pieces by the crosshead which moves up and down by the forwarding screws on both sides of the frame.
For the 200kN type, please inquire us of the specification.
※Please refer for the type of 200kN specifications.

○Universal type testing machine from 10kN to 200kN.
○It can be also used for an examination of the small load by adding a smaller load-range.
○The examinations of the comparatively large sample is possible due to gate type frame structure.
○It can be easily handled by exclusive software. (Option)
Usage example
○arious examinations of large load.
○Various evaluation examinations of machine parts and comparatively bigger sample.
Options / Special specifications
○A wide type of the valid examination width.
○The type that is long (short) of the stroke.
○The type that an environmental examination (Homoiothermal box) was added to
○The addition of the load range.
○A type of displacement resolving power 1μm.
This option is necessary for the connection to Analog recorder or printer.

Standard specifications
Model ※1 SDW-1003-□ SDW-2003-□ SDW-5003-□ SDW-9103-□
Maximum Load 10kN 20kN 50kN 100kN
Load Display [The specifications of Load Range] Reference
[The combination of Load Range according to the model]
Minimum Unit
Load Precision JIS 1 class (Indication value ±1% range)
Displacement Minimum Unit 0.01mm
Drive type AC Servo Motor
Speed Range 0.1〜500mm/min
Distance from a Table to a Load-cell Max. 1100mm
(An effective stroke is decided by selection of an attachment)
Max. 1080mm
(An effective stroke is decided by selection of an attachment)
Effective Test Width 445mm 439mm
Table Size 300×300mm (With T-groove) 350×350mm(With T-groove)
Safety Device Optional setting Upper and Lower Limit , Over-load Prevention function
Convenient Function Memory function of the examination conditions
Peak/Bottom Hold function
Cycle mode function
Detect function of Break Point
Detect function of Start Point
Auto Cancel/Auto Feed function
Auto Start Point Return function能
Output ※2 USB
Power supply AC100V 10A AC200V 15A 3相 AC200V 30A 3相
Weight pprox320kg pprox460kg pprox486kg
Size W985×D460×H1850mm (View drawings) W1038×D580×H1962mm (View drawings
※1 The model symbol is put in □. Refer to [The combination of Load Range according to the model].
※2 Analog output and Printer output can be installed with option.

Specifications of Load Range
Load Range Maximum Load Display Minimum Unit
100kN 100.00kN 0.01kN
50kN 50.00kN
20kN 20.00kN
10kN 10.000kN 0.001kN
5kN 5000N 1N
2kN 2000N
1kN 1000.0N 0.1N
500N 500.0N
※ The usable range is recommended at 20〜100% of each setting Load Range.
※ It is possible for the option to add other Load Range that Load-cell is changed to other than the above.
Combination of Load Range according to the model
Model Usable Range etting Load Range
100kN 50kN 20kN 10kN 5kN 2kN 1kN 500N
SDW-1003-R1 2kN〜10kN - - - - - - -
SDW-1003-R2 400N〜10kN - - - - - -
SDW-1003-R3 100N〜10kN - - - - -
SDW-2003-R1 4kN〜20kN - - - - - - -
SDW-2003-R2 1kN〜20kN - - - - - -
SDW-2003-R3 200N〜20kN - - - - -
SDW-5003-R1 10kN〜50kN - - - - - - -
SDW-5003-R2 2kN〜50kN - - - - - -
SDW-5003-R3 400N〜50kN - - - - -
SDW-9103-R1 20kN〜100kN - - - - - - -
SDW-9103-R2 4kN〜100kN - - - - - -
SDW-9103-R3 1kN〜100kN - - - - -


With Protection Cover Wide type Constant-Temperature Chamber furnished Longer Stroke type 200kN Range type


SDW-1003/2003Universal testing machine

SDW-5003Universal testing machine

SDW-9103Universal testing machine