SV-55BC is an electrically operated desktop type tensile testing machine.
The value of load is measured by loadcell.
Maximum load for this type (model) is 500N.

○Compared to combinations of Digital Force Gauge and Stand,this testing machine is inexpensive, and it can be measured with simple operation.
However, it has the functions according to the UTM such as overload protection and software.
○This testing machine is about 30% smaller and lighter than the previous model.
So, you do not have to worry about that place.
○It can prepare loadcell from 20N to 500N.
Therefore, you can choose the one suitable for what you want to measure.
In addition, if the 2 range specification type, it will be expanded the measurement range.

Usage example
○Peeling tests of the adhesion and the heat seal.
○Tensile tests of solderless terminal.
○Various kinds of test such as foods or medical supplies.
○Long Axis /150mm longer axis than the standard.
○Special Speed type (5~120mm/min)
○Printer Output (for Digimatic Printer) *2
○Date Processing Software 'Facirec'

Standard Specifications
Model SV-55CB-□(※1)
Maximum Load 500N
Load Display [Specifications of Load Range]/
Load Precision [Combination of Load Range According to the Model] Reference
Drive Type DC Brushless Motor
Speed Range 15~400mm/min
Stroke 130mm
ample Mounting Span 227~378mm
Displacement to Column 85mm
Table Size 100×65mm(4 point-M8)
Safety Device Optional Setting Upper and Lower Limit
Overload Prevention Function
Convenient Function Peak Hold Function
Forwarding Function
Auto Start Point Return Function
Judgment Function
Output USB(For Measure software) / For Printer(*2)
Power Supply AC100V~240V 3A
Weight Approx 12kgk
Size W220×D250×H582mm (*3)
※1The model symbol is put in □. Refer to [Combination of Load Range According to the Model]
※2 Digimatic printer output can be installed with additional option.
※3 The listed 'height' is measured with lower condition of 'UP/DOWN axis'.

Specifications of Load Range
Load Range Maximum Load Display Resolution
500N 500N 0.1N
200N 200.2N
100N 99.99N 0.01N
50N 50.00N
20N 20.00N
10N 9.999N 0.001N
5N 5.000N

Combination of Load Range According to the Model
Model Usable Range Setting Load Range
500N 200N 100N 50N 20N 10N 5N
SV-55CB-50R1 100N〜500N - - - - - -
SV-55CB-50R2 20N〜500N - - - - -
SV-55CB-20R1 40N〜200N - - - - - -
SV-55CB-20R2 10N〜200N - - - - -
SV-55CB-5R1 10N〜50N - - - - - -
SV-55CB-5R2 2N〜50N - - - - -
SV-55CB-2R1 4N〜20N - - - - - -
SV-55CB-2R2 1N〜20N - - - - -


SV-55CUniversal testing machine