Peel Test

Coating peeling jig

This jig is used for measuring the adhesion strength of coating and the basic material such as under JIS A 9696.

As the method, an assisting piece (to be disposed later) is to stuck on the coating film by adhesive, and then the coating in the surrounding is to be cut and measured.

90°peeling jig

This is a special type the 90° peeling test.

The test picec is put on the upper part jig with rollers.

The film is pulled down ward in the 90° direction and peeled off.

It is used for JIS X 6305-1 'cards peeling test’.

T-style peeling jig

This jig has a mechanism to hold the non-peeled part of a test piece horizontal during the test.

Toner container peeling jig

This jig is in exclusive use for the seal peeling of the toner containers of such as copiers / printers.

90°special peeling jig

This jig is specially designed for peeling test of objects sealed on molds.

It can be flexibly installed adjusting to the test piece shape and while testing keep the test picec at 90°

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