Testing equipment is possible to be connected to a PC.
This software has various useful utility such as analyzing, saving and managing of each data as well as parameter-setting for controlled operations.

データ処理ソフト ISP-V 追加機能ソフトウェア データ取込ソフト IHP-V
Software ISP-V receives the value of load and displacement from the testing machine, and draw load-displacement curves (Stress-Strain Curves) and load-time curves.
It also processes these values and prints / saves the results.
There is the software that can expand its exclusive control function by being used together with data handling software, ISP-V.
This is the software which enables the hold value of load and displacement from the testing machine to be saved in a CSV text format.

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Software operation environment
Operation System : Windows7.10
PC composition: CPU Core2〜(Core i5〜) / Memory 4GB〜
HDD 500GB〜 / USB port 2.0

※Windows is a trade mark of Microsoft Corporation.