The IMADA-SS Universal testing machine has various types. Each type is characteristic.

Maximum Load500N

Maximum Load500N

The criteria to select an optimized model and jig of the IMADA-SS products are as follows.
More detail is given, then more appropriate suggestion can be possible.

What kind of sample would you like to test?

    And how should it be tested?

◎How much will be the maximum

    measurement     load?

◎How much is the minimum measurement


◎At which speed will the sample be tested?

◎How should the result of the test be


◎Under which condition or at which place is

    the machine to be used?

◎Are there any special requirements?

Maximum Load2kN

Maximum Load2kN

Maximum Load5kN

Maximum Load2kN200kN

The summary of the function

Many options to expand the function of IMADA-SS Testing Machines are available.Some models equip the following functions as standard.

Please be aware that there are models cannot adopt these functions.

In addition, "Accessories” , "Attachment ", and "Software" are also available as an option.

Standard function


Load value is measured by loadcell. Measuring range is usually 20% to 100% of the maximum load.

If the load to be measured is less than 20% of the maximum load, lower measuring range should be added on for a precise measurement.

Imada Testing Machines are manufactured in accord with JIS 1st class precision of the load.JIS is an abbreviation of "Japan Industrial Standard".

◎Displacement ※SV-55CB type does not have this function.

It is required to measure the load-displacement relation such as longitudinal elastic modulus of the material or the character of the spring.

Testing machine can measure the displacement.

Value of displacement is displayed by measuring the amount of the displacement.

However, there is a little differences between the actual amount of the displacement of the jig attached to the loadcell and the amount of the displacement of the testing machine.

This is the function of an automatic compensation according to the amount of the load.

◎Speed ※SV-55CB type has a volume changeable system.

On the load measuring test, the speed of the machine has a great effect on its results.

JIS or other standardized testing method specifies the testing speed for each test.

By inputting the numerical value, the operation can be easily performed at the indicated speed.

◎Cycle movement function 

With this function, the machine will operate repeatedly under a particular condition until reaching the number of times set in.

The setting of the upper lower limit is possible for both load and displacement.

There is also a function to stop the machine at a certain time preset.

For universal testing machines, it is common to use this repetition function at around 1,000 times, comparatively a little number of times of repeat.

Should a repetition test at a level of tens of thousands of times be required, please employ a durable testing machine suitable for it.

◎Break point detect function

This is the function which automatically stops or reverses the testing machine when the force reaches to the point of breakage on test pieces.

With this function the value of the displacement at time of the breakage can be hold as well.

◎Start point detect function
By a slight contact, this function set the value of displacement automatically at "zero".
This function can be used for measuring the value of displacement from the point of contact.

◎Self-adjustment function of an examination start / the end

"The automatic feed function" makes the machine run faster by compression or bending test during no-load unit the upper-side jig contacts the test piece.

There is also the function that automatically returns to the original/starting position at the end of the test.

◎Judgment function

Using this function, a specific range for load or displacement can be set, which judgment whether the point of "Peak" or "Break" is within the set range.

◎Language switch ※SV-55CB type does not have this function.

It is possible to select the language, Japanese or English on the LCD screen display.

◎Outside output ※Please confirm conformity of the software concerned.

As for all models, a connection to a PC by USB is possible.

Additional function / Option

◎Long length specification Please inquire for compatible models.

By using a longer shaft for Model SV-55CB testing machine, longer test piece can be tested.

Extra long length shaft can be manufactured as a special specification. (standard + 150mm)

◎Adding extra load range Compatible models= All models except SV-55CB.

If a wide range of load from small to big capacity shall be tested with one testing machine, please select the models which can equip the multiple load range.

In case the load to be measured will be smaller than the range which is set for a model as standard, by exchanging the loadcell, up to 6 ranges cam be additionally built-in.

Depending on the models, the number of the ranges which can be additionally built-in is different.

Please check it with us.

◎Keep load to function ※Please inquire for compatible models.

On stopping the machine applying a certain load, the value of the load decreases gradually.

This occurs because of the creeps of the loadcell and test piece.

To keep the specific load, it is necessary to set back the amount which was lost by creep.

It is function that this controls it to enter the set range, and can drive.

◎Load speed follow function ※Please inquire for compatible models.

The load speed means the transformation of the load per time.

Due to the stiffness change on the test piece, the load speed cannot be always maintained even if the testing machine is being operated at a constant speed.

In order to prevent this, the load speed should be always calculated and in accordance with it the speed of the testing machine should be automatically adjusted.

This is the function to control this.

◎Function of switch feeling examination (F-S test) ※Please inquire for compatible models. And, as for this function, pc software (ISP-7) is necessary.
This is an optional function exclusively used for the feeling tests of switches.
Each peak and bottom value of the hysteresis can be measured with a specially programmed setting item.
Repetition test can be performed as well by setting the number of times required.

◎Program operation function ※Please inquire for compatible models. And, as for this function, pc software (ISP-7) is necessary.

This is the function measure the operation with several step in connection, for every steps specified value for load or displacement can be set.

Up to 99 steps are possible to be preset.

◎Outside output option ※SV-55CB does not support analog output

An output terminal can be installed at an option.

The analog terminal outputs load and the displacement at 10V/FS each.

There is the output terminal for a printer as well.


The speed of the testing machine is to be decided by the related standards.

Below are some examples of testing speed for typical materials as reference.

◎Tensile test of Metal material-----------5〜10mm/min

◎Tensile test of Plastic material----------2〜500mm/min

◎Bending of Ceramic material----------0.1〜1mm/min

◎Pulling of Rubber material-------------100〜500mm/min

◎Peeling testing----------------------------300mm/min

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