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Examples of Special Attachment.

■Air grip

■Wire winding jig

■Welding strength tension jig

■Resin parts tension jig
■Special film chuck
■Special flat chuck
■Optical fiber attachment
■Woven and knitted fabrics test attachment
■Tape tensile test attachment
■The test that was put in a liquid
■Attachment for lead-free solder
■Attachment for wire ring
■Die casting pulling attachment
■Wine bottle corkscrew jig

■Double swing bending jig

■Bending jig with stopper

■Tile bending jig
■Printed circuit board bending jig
■4-point bending test jig
■Clamp-type bending jig
■Large size special bending jig

■Coating peeling jig
■90°peeling jig
■T-style peeling jig
■Toner container peeling jig
■90°special peeling jig

Urethane foam jig

Special compression
■Compression jig with cushioning spring
■Heat sealed compression
■Compression jig with displacement meter
Compression jig for resistance measurement

■Vise jig with 'X-stage'

■Vise jig with 'X-Y stage'

■Frictional force measurement jig
■Torsion test jig
■Hand operation roller
■Stab jig
■The 45°slant level
■Special X-Y stage
■Hot plate (horizontal)
■Hot plate (vertical)
■Torsion spring measurement jig
■Syringe pressurization jig

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