Bending Test

Double swing bending jig

This bending jig that makes it easy to adjust the center.

Bending jig with stopper

This jig that can be used to center the workpiece using a stopper

Tile bending jig

The special jig for three-points bending tests such for tiles.

It will be produced in accordance with each standard.

Printed circuit board bending jig

This jig is for bending tests of the boards.

The upper jig which presses the testing sample has R=230mm.

The photo shows a sort of support by this a sample does not move even during a repeat test.

4-point bending test jig

Four-points bending jigs in accordance with a standard such as 'JIS R 1601', or other user's standards can be produced.

There is a fixed type for each span as well as adjust table type.

Clamp-type bending jig

This jig is aimed to grip the testing sample and then to bend, which is a different from ordinary bending test.

Large size special bending jig

It is a jig for bending strength test of building materials and long size pieces.

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