Vise jig with 'X-stage'

This makes it easy to fine-tune the position of the vise.

Vise jig with 'X-Y stage'

It can be adjusted on the X-axis and Y-axis for easy centering.

Frictional force measurement jig

This jig is in conformity with JIS P 8147 'Paper and board- Determination of the static and kinetic coefficients of friction'.

Torsion test jig

This is a jig to make torsion tests by the load testing machine, instead of torque testing machine equipment.

It is suitable for a small torsion angle.

Hand operation roller

The hand-operated roller which is prescribed in JIS Z 0237 testing method.

It helps to let an examination board glue adhesive tape by predetermined force with 2kg in weight, the roller diameter of 83mm.

Stab jig

This jig is to fix the test piece for the test to stab.

The test picec is to be inserted from the opening on the to and all the circumference is to be fastened by turning the lever.

As the upper jig, the pin chuck (GC-30) insetting needle with R0.5 of tip is used and by this the test piece is to be stabbed.

The 45°slant level

It is a jig fixing a mounting board for tests to peel a device from it.

There are a lot of mounting holes on the installation board, which can be set in three positions (horizontal, 45°, vertical).

It is combined with the X-Y table for alining it.

pecial X-Y stage

This stage enables to adjust a relatively big movement.

Hot plate (horizontal)

Heat is added to mounting boards, and a load evaluation can be performed.

The photo shows the horizontal testing machine with the hot plate adequate for the heat less than 300℃.

Hot plate (vertical)

Heat is added to electronic parts, and a load evaluation is performed.

This plate can impose the heat up to 120℃.

Several jigs prepared for the shape of parts can be used in exchange.

Torsion spring measurement jig

It is a jig to evaluate the torque characteristic of the torsion spring.

Syringe pressurization jig

Put the contents in a syringe and the objective jig measures force when it pressurized.

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