Tensile Test

Air grip

It is produced in accordance with each load specifications.




20kN wedge type

Wire winding jig

This is the metal wire tensioning jig. Maximum load up to 50kN is possible. Use by winding the wire around the drum.

Welding strength tension jig

Chuck and pull the welded part to the sheet metal.

Resin parts tension jig

This jig that clamps and pulls resin parts.

Special film chuck

This is used for testing beyond 500N load or for sample width of over 50mm.

Special flat chuck

Special flat chuck designed for high load.

Optical fiber attachment

This chuck is specially designed for pulling test of optical fiber.

The diameter of the drums is made big in comparison with that of the standard wire winding grip.

(on the photo, φ50mm)

Woven and knitted fabrics test attachment

In accordance with the 'JIS L 1096 Testing method for woven and knitted fabrics'.

Tape tensile test attachment

It is the jig for tension test of strong tapes such as PP bands for packing.

The test that was put in a liquid

It is a jig performing pulling examination in  liquid.

Here show has a structure that after fixing a test piece both from the top and the bottom, the vessel with liquid in it is to be lifted up and the test piece is to get into the liquid.

Attachment for lead-free solder

In accordance with 'JIS Z 3198-6'.

Attachment for wire ring

This jig is to hook wires in ring-shape.

Die casting pulling attachment

This jig is designed according to the specific shape of Customer’s product, enabling its pulling test.

Wine bottle corkscrew jig

The (objective) jig measures force to uncork the wine.

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