Additional function software

There is the software that can expand its exclusive control function by being used together with data handling software, ISP-7.

※Data handling software ISP-7 is necessary for each option software.

Keep up Load function

It is the software to control the operation of the testing machine and maintain the set scope of the required load value at all time.

Load speed follow function

Normally for tensile and compression testing machine, the speed of adding load (test speed) is calculated at "○○ mm/min", which means the displacement amount per time.

However for some tests, the examination regulation gives a guideline that the test should be performed at “N / min”.

for example, which means the variation amount of load per time.

This is the function to maintain the preset variation amount of load per time by adjusting and setting back continuously changing load values.

Switch feeling test

This is an option for the exclusive use of the feeling test of switches.

Each peak and bottom value of the hysteresis can be measured by the exclusive setting item.

Repeat test can be also performed by setting the required number.

Program operation

This is for the function to measure the operation with several steps in connection, for every steps specified value for load or displacement can be set.

UP to 99 steps are possible to be preset.

The "Keep Up Load Function" is also one of the control types and can be set for it.

The step can set either plus or minus side (in case of no minus load, load specification is not possible).

The result data from each step can be displayed and output as text.

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